Disruption Playbook Podcast

First Video online now, podcast launching soon

Disruption Playbook, featuring founder, futurist and technologist Paul Spain (host of two iTunes top #10 Podcasts) talking with global innovators who are disrupting and transforming business through a mix of smart ideas and innovative technology.

Who and Where
You can look forward to hearing a mix of insights, tips and techniques about innovation, digital transformation and disruption. Initial content has already been recorded in person in USA, China, India , Italy, Philippines and New Zealand.

Our initial content will include a look inside the large global companies who are building cultures and structures that enable them to move forward at pace rather than stagnating. This is an area we see a diverse mix of people playing a key role at bringing the freshest thinking to the table and we’ll be sharing insights from leaders such as Dona Sarkar (Head of Windows Insider Programme, Microsoft), Sheryl Connelly (Futurist, Ford), Fred Reid (CEO, Zephyr Airworks) and Steve Sasson (inventor of the digital camera).

About Disruption Playbook
If you believe you or your organisation is doing something noteworthy in the areas of innovation, digital transformation or disruption please get in touch with Paul Spain. We’re constantly looking to hear new stories that will help teach others how to succeed at bringing positive innovations of any size to the world. Of particular interest are firms willing to collaborate with us and who have a desire to facilitate and support the production of great storytelling style content.

Disruption Playbook Podcast will be published by World Podcasts.

About Paul Spain
Paul’s learning about innovation and disruption stretches back to his early view of the publishing field where he witnessed new technologies disrupting old production methods.

In the years since he’s helped assist numerous organisations to consider and end up on the right side of change from disruptive, transformative and innovative technologies.

An early digitial project that Paul founded was a pre-facebook Social Network and Online Magazine (WorldDJ) where he invented personalisation technology in 2002 that was a forerunner to the advertising and content capabilities of platforms such as Facebook.

Today Paul is CEO and Founder at Gorilla Technology and well known for his commentary via TV, radio, web and podcasts on the crossover between technology, business and disruption. He is also known as an international public speaker and keynote speaker.